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Tough Times Demand Tighter Retail Security

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By Scott Kreisberg

Every retailer has a unique set of security challenges and, in the retail world, your security challenges never end.

More retailers are realizing that using perimeter and anti-virus technologies alone are not enough. As someone once said, it's like locking your doors but leaving your windows open. Now retailers must take a lot more security measures.

Some vital strategies retailers need to take for preventative measures against retail loss include:

  • Security for your network
  • Security against theft
  • Protection of data
  • Prevention of administrative errors

In today's competitive environment, a retailer's shrinkage performance can mean the difference between a good year and one that fails to meet expectations.

Recording what occurs in your store is also very important, whether it be before, during or after an event. Digital video surveillance and POS monitoring can deter common forms of employee theft, register theft and fraud.

Going on for some time now is "sweet-hearting," as it's known to retailers, which is when the cashier lets friends and family walk out with more than they paid for. It is quite common in the retail sector.

To prevent this, security software is necessary which uses a motion analysis algorithm designed to spot each instance when an employee may have bypassed the checkout price scanner with a grocery item, or passed a barcode-side-up over the infrared lens. It then checks with the store's point-of-sale system and cross-references time stamps to confirm the missed scan.

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