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A Day In the Life of a Retailer

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Retailer runs every day operations of store using POS software

Store manager Soung Kim runs Sportech, a sports apparel and footwear retailer specializing in racquet tennis, talked about his experience using point of sale technology in the every day running of the store.

Sportech has been in business for 16 years and expanded its store from 2000 square feet to 5600 square feet, and plans to expand to more locations in future.

Kim stays in tune with the business side of things, keeping close track of the store's merchandise with Retail Pro POS software to avoid over and under purchasing. He follows what is coming in and says, "It really helps keep track of the business aspect of it, as it is a business."

Kim ensures that store employees are very helpful and actually give shoppers customer service. Developing and maintaining customer loyalty has kept their customers coming back. He frequently does a large mailing to them with coupons. Sometimes he teams up with doctors and local podiatrists to come in and do a clinic to help teach his customers different aspects of using proper footwear and apparel.

To know what his customers are purchasing, Kim checks the buying history of his customers in the POS software. He uses this information to motivate customers, who are pleased that they know them by name and what their history is.

Kim doesn't work alone however. Any time he needs to discuss a problem or technology issue, he relies on One Step Retail Solutions who provides technical support for him anytime of the day, even weekends.

Kim attributes a 10% growth in business to utilizing point of sale software. He uses it daily to easily manage all aspects of running the retail store operations, enabling him to stay on top of inventory and improving the customer's shopping experience.


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