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Good News Out Of Bad News

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This morning's RIS News had this to report ( http://www.risnews.com/):

"Memorial Day kicks off summer, but so far this year retailers have not enjoyed much sun and fun. It's not just the economy that is driving store closures. Other factors include sky rocketing fuel prices, increasing costs of just about everything and consumers being squeezed by the falling housing market and layoffs.

So with all these big guys closing stores, what hope is there for the little guy? Is there any hope at all? Pretty frightening, huh?


Well, the good news is that the little guy is not prone to the pressures of the big guys: leveraged real estate, huge employee insurance programs, stuck with inventory that is not moving. In other words, the little guy can be a lot more nimble and faster to respond to the market with a lot less to worry about.... That is, if the little guy has the systems in place to respond fast, track inventory right down to the proverbal gnat's a--, and has or can build personal relationships with his customers.

What does it take to do that? Look to your POS system to do all of the above and see if you are using this technology to its fullest extent. If you need help figuring out how to use it, contact one of our Retail Consultants and get a full Retail Tech Check to find out what your existing POS system can and can't do for you.

And work to flourish and prosper despite what the economy is or isn't doing!

To get your free Retail Tech Check, go to:

Or contact us at 800-266-1328 or email us.

Donna Wesley Rogers
One Step Retail Solutions

Challenges Retailers Face Today

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One Step Retail Solutions recently published a new whitepaper, “The 6 Biggest Challenges Retailers Face Today” exploring a number of demographic and economic trends that have made retailing in the U.S. more challenging.

With the changes in the current economy, the whitepaper identifies how to meet today’s retail challenges and demonstrates how small and mid-size retailers can create a sustainable, competitive advantage. It examines the potential benefits and applications of point of sale software to enhance store operations and its effect on the ability of any retail business to survive and even expand during times of economic downturn.

“Over the last year, while updating our research into the current retail environment it became evident that the constantly changing technology landscape, in and of itself, has now become an additional source of concern for retail owners and managers,” says CEO Scott Kreisberg. “We also determined that small to midsized chains, especially those who wish to continue their growth, face an even greater set of challenges than single stores or large retailers.”

One Step has a unique vantage point, in that it has helped many retail clients grow from one or a few stores to reach the 20 to 100+ store range. These retailers have survived and expanded over the years, even through several earlier downturns in retail spending. A small chain owner may think that those stores are in a different category, but in fact they had to deal with the same set of challenges that other small retailers face.

A key part of the reason these retailers survived resides in how they made use of their retail technology as a tool to overcome their business challenges, leading to a more efficient and competitive business operation while at the same time better serving their customers’ needs.

This new whitepaper is available at the One Step website: http://www.onestepretail.com/.

For more information on how a POS System can help you overcome these challenges and grow, contact us at 800-266-1328 or email us.