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The Value of Personalization


The concept is simple, recognizing a customer when they walk through the door or sign-on to a Web site allows the retailer to tailor the shopping experience for each customer. By recognizing each shopper as an unique individual with their own tastes, needs and desires, retailers can establish friendships and create customer loyalty.

Where does the information come from to personalize the shopping experience? Are retailers using it wisely? Is there any need for consumers to be concerned about being known as a unique individual instead of one of countless, and nameless, purchasers?

The information to personalize can come from different sources. When customers become members or order from Web sites, or when they sign-up for frequent shopper cards, information is collected.

Personalized service best comes from retailers listening to their customers, learning their needs, finding out what they like and how they like it. Every retailer can personalize some portion of their customer interaction. The best part of it for retailers is that it doesn't have to take buckets of money to get started. Just remember your best customers' names. And by the way, if you own a donut shop, I like mine with hot chocolate, not coffee.

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Consumer Reviews Convert Shoppers

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Getting online shoppers to convert to buyers, whether online or offline, requires trust-building tactics such as easy site navigation, good search tools and complete product information.

Shoppers today are also often looking for consumer-generated product reviews.

According to Avenue A Razorfish's "Digital Consumer Behavior Study," 55% of the 475 US Internet users surveyed in July 2007 reported checking other people’s opinions online. Fewer than one-quarter looked at comparison charts (22%) or expert reviews (21%). Under 1% cared about shared shopping lists.

A recent Internet Retailer report, “Web Site Design, Content and Rich Media,” showed that consumers who read online product reviews were also likely to buy more while on an online retail site.

Some 27% of the respondents who read customer reviews reported average spending between 5% and 10% higher than those who did not read them. Another 21% of review readers reported average spending between 1% and 5% higher than that of non-readers. Nearly 7% of respondents who said they read customer reviews reported average spending 20% higher than other online shoppers.

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