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New Internet TV Series for Retailers

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Smart Retail, a new Internet TV series hosted by retail expert Scott Kreisberg, premiered June 19, 2009 to an eager audience who have been following the show updates via Twitter and Facebook from pre-production through post-production.

These five minute “Webisode” series is a production of One Step Retail Solutions that will broadcast weekly episodes on SmartRetail.tv and a YouTube channel. The first episode of Smart Retail broadcasted on these two Internet channels June 22, 2009.

The show features independent specialty retail stores and how those retailers run their businesses, their challenges and successes in competing against big box retailers, and how they are making the transition to the new era of retailing.

The first twelve episodes will highlight among others a specialty sports /skateboard shop, a women’s apparel store, a gift store, a salon and spa, a jewelry store, and an art gallery.
These retailers are all located in quaint communities in Southern California that include Montrose, Burbank, Northridge, La Canada, Studio City, and Sunland.

Executive Producer and host Scott Kreisberg began his professional career when he worked his way through college as a retailer. After graduating from College with a double Bachelors of Science degree in Finance and Marketing, Scott established a company, One Step Data, in June of 1985 and consulted retailers on how to run their businesses more efficiently.

Cyndi Seidler produced, wrote and directed the Smart Retail series. She was brought into the project because of her multimedia video background and experience, and this is her first Internet TV series. “With the way the Internet is going, video is the way to go, and I believe that the Smart Retail show rides on the wave of video entertainment on the Web and gives insight to both retailers and shoppers alike.”