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Retailers Stimulating The Economy


Extraordinary People Give Back to Their Communities When It Matters Most

So much for all the "bad guys" stories you hear during these challenging economic times. Here are some great examples of small businesses that see this as the perfect time to do good.

There is a group of Americans who have done extraordinarily generous things. Call them Recession Angels, people who have taken their own money and given it to employees and their communities just as everybody else has been cutting back.

One retail owner gave bonuses instead of pink slips to give back and stimulate their small town's economy. Watch video

This retailer decided recently that the town of Brewton needed its own stimulus and that his 24 employees deserved a little something extra. So he doled out $16,000 in cash bonuses. He asked only that his workers donate 15 percent to a charity or somebody who was in worse shape than they were, and then take the rest and spend it at local businesses. To track the local impact of his "stimulus," Cottrell handed out the bonuses in $2 bills.

Full story: Recession Angels Rise to the Occasion

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