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CEO Scott Kreisberg Named Chairman


One Step Retail Solutions CEO Scott Kreisberg Named as Chairman of the Retail Pro Business Partner Advisory Council

Retail Pro International announced that One Step Retail Solutions' CEO Scott Kreisberg has been elected by his peers as Chairman of the Retail Pro Business Partner Advisory Council.

One Step Retail Solutions has been Retail Pro's "Global Business Partner of the Year" for the last four years. Retail Pro's Business Partner Advisory Council is an honor and achievement for a select number of very successful Retail Pro software service providers throughout the world, signifying they have been through extensive training, delivering outstanding customer service, and focused on the issues and needs of small to mid-size retailers.

As Chairman of the Business Partner Advisory Council, Mr. Kreisberg stated "The Council looks forward to working with Retail Pro to even more fully service the specialty retail industry and help to create a resurgence and rebound for retailers all across the country."


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