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Retail New Year Checklist

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Get the most from your retail technology systems in order to increase your survival potential. Use this retail checklist to gain a competitive advantage in 2010:

  • Ensure your retail technology equipment is PCI Compliant

  • Use reliable retail-hardened POS hardware to run your POS system

  • Add more POS stations to help prevent long check-out lines.

  • Upgrade your POS software to the latest version to better manage inventory, customers, and vendors

  • Get any customized programming that tailors your system to meet unique or specialized needs

  • Have an efficient reporting tool with your POS software to gain valuable insight into your business

  • Optimize merchandise distribution to increase sell-through and prevent markdowns

  • Ensure merchandising and finance are working together as an integrated system

  • Have reliable, up-to-date security systems set up (loss prevention systems) for both your hardware and store

  • Back up your files and POS system regularly (Retail Backup recommended)

  • Integrate credit card processing and gift cards with your POS system

  • Integrate your online store (e-Commerce) with your POS system using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

  • Keep Technical Support contracts in place to get the help you need to run smoothly

  • Review your Returns Policy to minimize returns fraud

Here are some tips for 2010:

  • Gather customer information at point of sale to use for targeted promotions

  • Track your customer purchases and review customer's history at POS to improve customer relations

  • Have a customer loyalty program in place

  • Hold periodic events at your store

  • Have contests with either employees and/or customers

  • Run reports regularly to gain insight that helps you manage your business better

  • Train your sales employees on basic customer service and find ways to reward them for this

  • Minimize return fraud using upgraded POS software and security systems

  • Expand your channels of retailing (videos, blogs, social networking, etc)

  • Do planned pricing to unload stock through scheduled markdowns

  • Offer classes to individualize your store

  • Use framed signage to show why your merchandise is unique

  • Provide a shopping experience that includes respect, honesty, and trust

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