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Business Intelligence for Retailers

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As the old saying goes, "more is better" and this is truly the case for retailers who need to make profit-enhancing decisions quickly and with ease. That's where Retail Pro Business Intelligence (BI) comes in.

The BI module is designed to bring Retail Pro 9 users a distinct advantage for managing their business whereby they can monitor and analyze vast amounts of data in a snapshot view, enabling them to respond quickly to changes in their business conditions.

Since retailers need to be alerted to potential problems and make better, more informed decisions, BI is a tool that will provide valuable insight and actionable information to allow fast response in business conditions.

With independent industry research indicating a ROI of up to 2,000%, a business intelligence application should be a key component of a retailer's architecture.

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For more information, contact a Sales Representative at One Step Retail Solutions and see how Business Intelligence could help your business. Send email to sales@onestepretail.com or call (800) 266-1328.


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