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Credit Card receipts

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Credit card receipts that include full account numbers and expiration dates are a gold mine for identity thieves. In some states, printing of the full account number is already prohibited. For the future, FACTA sets a national standard requiring truncation of credit card information.

FACTA says credit and debit card receipts may not include more than the last five digits of the card number. Nor may the card's expiration date be printed on the cardholder's receipt.

However, the effective date of this provision is a long way off, and there are a couple of loopholes:

This section does not apply to receipts for which the sole means of recording a credit or debt card number is by handwriting or by an imprint or copy of the card.

For machines in use before January 1, 2005, the merchant has three (3) years to comply.
For machines in use after January 1, 2005, the merchant has one (1) year to comply.
Another FACTA section allows consumers who request a copy of their file to also request that the first 5 digits of their Social Security number (or similar identification number) not be included in the file.



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